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Welcome to the The Ferry at The Crossing!

For over 60 years Albury’s Ferry Service proudly served the Abacos. However, the company was forced to stop operations due to the damages it sustained from Hurricane Dorian. Now the ferry will re-launch with new owners, a new name, new headquarters and the same connection to the community and mission of continual service.

The new company, called The Ferry at The Crossing, will begin with regularly scheduled Marsh Harbour-to-Hopetown runs. Boats and routes will be added as capacity increases. In the near future, we hope to restore ferry service throughout the cays.

The Ferry ownership group consists of six Bahamians. Recognizing the importance of the ferry to the Abacos, four previous Albury’s Ferry managers came together to purchase Albury’s assets—damaged by Hurricane Dorian—and are re-launching the service.

The new owners are former managers Ralph Albury, Lucas Albury, Darin Knowles and Scott Ferguson who will all be involved in the day to day operations. They are joined by two other investors from Spanish Wells, Dudley Higgs and Chet Underwood.

The Ferry will operate from its rebuilt and updated terminal at The Crossing in Marsh Harbour. The new terminal will provide needed shelter and rest rooms for ferry customers. A concession area is also planned to offer travelers a unique island experience.

We will continue to operate the iconic Albury “Donnies” ferry boats as well as other newer vessels to meet the needs of its customers.
The new service will run on regular scheduled times, but will make boats available for private point to point charters as well as bespoke island hopping day charters.